Retailing and Operation Division

Saudi Automotive Services Company (SASCO) announces the start of operation of (6) new sites, bringing the total operating sites to (201) sites.

01 January 2020
Retailing and Operation Division

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Saudi Automotive Services Company (SASCO) announces that on December 31, 2019 start operating of (6) new stations in Jeddah, Madinah, Buraidah, Dammam, Abha and Tabuk, which contains fuel services and convenience store in addition to many support services.


It is expected that the operation of these sites will contribute to increase in revenues, which will be reflected in the operating profits of the company, and the financial impact will appear from the first quarter of 2020, noted that there are no related parties. By operating this sites, the number of the company's operating stations by the end of 2019 will be (201) stations compared to (166) stations at the end of 2018, i.e. an increase of 21%, as the company seeks to increase the number of operating stations of the company through its acquisition of stations with distinctive locations within major cities and highways throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.